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A book with clever insights about parenting. Dad is fat is funny and endearing, for parents and non-parents alike

In Dad is Fat, stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan, who’s best known for his legendary riffs on Hot Pockets, bacon, manatees, and McDonald’s, expresses all the joys and horrors of life with five young children—everything from cousins (“celebrities for little kids”) to toddlers’ communication skills (“they always sound like they have traveled by horseback for hours to deliver important news”), to the eating habits of four year olds (“there is no difference between a four-year-old eating a taco and throwing a taco on the floor”). Dad is Fat is sharply observed, explosively funny, and a cry for help from a man who has realized he and his wife are outnumbered in their own home.

If you’re a parent, especially to multiple children, chances are you’ll nod your head in agreement with Jim Gaffigan’s musings on fatherhood. But even if you are just a fan of his with no kids, “Dad is Fat” is still a great read.

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