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"Life is a drama full of tragedy and comedy.

You should learn to enjoy comic episodes a little bit more."

 Welcome to Circus of Comedy website! Here you will find valuable information about writing, comedy tips, funny jokes and most important - a recommended book list. This site is not only for stand-up comedians but for everybody who is willing to improve creative skills and enrich imagination. Enjoy this Comedy site and never forget a smile on your beautiful face! 🙂

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Jim Carrey - Amazing Stand Up Comedy Show

Classic Video! 30 minutes of great vibes and lots of laugh together with Jim Carrey!

Dave Chappelle - Incredible Comedian

Amazing Stand Up Comedy, considered as Comedy Royalty

Russell Peters - Stand Up Comedy

Totally accurate and absolutely hilarious jokes about Chinese, Indians, Jamaicans and Italians

Trevor Noah - Stand Up Comedy special

Trevor covers the events of a trip to Zambia in hilarious way

Chris Tucker - Great Comedian

One of the best Chris Stand Ups online! Watch it here and you won's stop laugh!